Pure Water Technology - Of The Coastal Empire
Things You Should Know Before You Buy When considering a drinking water solution for your office, be sure you have the facts. We have listed several questions below that will guide you toward the best decision.

1. Does it have a stainless steel tank?

Stainless steel is ideal for maintaining a pure drinking water supply. Plastic tanks encourage bacterial growth and compromise the quality of your water. Which would you rather drink from?
2. Is the tank self-sanitizing?

If it’s not, how often is it being cleaned? Typically, the non-self sanitizing cooler is never cleaned. OSHA recommends a non-self sanitizing cooler be cleaned every 6 months.
3. Is it oxygenated water?

Water that is oxygenated is thousands of times faster at eliminating bacteria than chlorine.
4. How cold is the water?

Microprocessor controlled coolers maintain a 2 inch ring of ice in the stainless steel tank ensuring every drop of water is ice cold.
5. Does it have an electronic monitoring device?

Be sure to look for water systems that can alert you when something needs attention.
6. Does it have at least an 80 GPD Reverse Osmosis membrane?

80 Gallon Per Day Reverse Osmosis membranes allow for the maximum amount of water flow through a point-of-use cooler.
7. Is the price guaranteed for an extended period?

You will be drinking water at your office for many years. Look for an affordable solution that provides the added security of a long-term price commitment.
8. Does it have a pure water dispense system?

When providing drinking water, it is important to keep the water outlet clean. Coolers that require you to touch the knob to dispense water accumulate bacteria. Look for systems that are "hands off" the knob.