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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are we replacing our bottled water?
First, for safety reasons. There will be incidents that employees will be hurt lifting the 43 lb bottled water. Second, to improve the quality of the drinking water, third, to free up needed storage space, and fourth, the new water coolers are maintenance-free.

What’s the problem with bottled water?
The most obvious problem with bottled water, and the water that is dispensed from bottled coolers, is bacteria growth. After bottled water has been filtered it sits in the bottles unrefrigerated, which allows the growth of bacteria. Also, dirt, dust, and airborne germs easily enter the bottled water coolers through the large opening in the top of the cooler. When the bottles are changed, the neck of the bottle is rarely sanitized, nor is the person’s hand changing the bottle, therefore whatever is on the bottle changer’s hand is now in your water storage tank. And finally, when was the last time you saw the bottled water company come and clean, sanitize, a bottled water cooler?

Where does bottled water come from?
Two-thirds of all bottled water today is filtered tap water, the other one-third comes from other sources such as wells, or springs. Almost all bottled water is then filtered at the bottling plant and sealed into bottles. Bottled water is not necessarily safer than tap water, as it then sits unrefrigerated in its bottle for indefinite amounts of time, allowing for the growth of bacteria, or leaching of the chemicals that make up the plastic bottles.
Pure Water Technology
FEATURE                                                         BENEFIT

Eliminates Lifting 43 Pound Bottles                                  Safety

• Reduces Workers Compensation Risks                             Safety

• Eliminates Running Out of Water                                      Convenience

• Eliminates Airborne Contamination                                   Health

• Eliminates Microbiological Contamination                         Health

• Eliminates Bottle Deliveries                                                 Security

• Eliminates Cost Increases as Consumption Increases     Cost Savings

• One Invoice and One Check per Month (or Quarter)      Cost Savings

• No Packing Slips or Monthly Statements to Reconcile    Cost Savings

• No Bottle Deposits, Delivery Charges, etc.                       Cost Savings

• No More Bottle Changes and Related Labor Costs           Cost Savings      

• No Wasted Storage Space (full and empty bottles)           Cost Savings
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How to Clean a Water Cooler